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On Sunday, September 22, we continue with the second phase of our ten-month Journey Through the Bible together. We are taking different sections of the Bible in turn as a series, and this second series is focusing on the stories of the people of Israel in the Promised Land and is called “Chosen.” Last week we explored the book of Joshua and the conquest of the land. This week, we turn to the book of Judges and will examine some of the leaders who are chosen in difficult times to lead the people of Israel. We hope you’ll join us for worship on Sunday at 10:30 am.


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Whether your week was full of meetings or deadlines or left you longing for more, reflect with us for Sunday School beginning at 9:30 a.m. Connect in debate and discussion, deepen your understanding of scripture study, or simply relax in the knowledge that you are not alone.

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After worship we gather downstairs in the Fellowship Hall for coffee, light snacks, and intergenerational conversations.

Join us on Wednesday evenings during the school year as we gather downstairs in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 for a community meal prepared by church members. From 6:30 to 7:30,  we have a variety of programs for people of all ages, including our Chancel Choir. Once a month or so, we’ll have an intergenerational fun event, such as a game night.

Dinner | 5:30 pm     ●    Programming | 6:30 pm