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Welcome to Blakemore United Methodist Church!

Right now on Sundays, we will be meeting for worship on Zoom at 9:30 am. After about 15 minutes to greet each other and socialize, we will start our worship service. For the second Sunday of Advent, the theme will be Revelation and Incarnation. It is revealed that the God of all Gods is coming to ask Mary to do something, something that requires Mary to be changed– a change that she cannot control, that she will not be in charge of. This revelation whispers that in order to receive, there is a giving and a changing. In this revelation, there is a witnessing of the life-giving cell coming together to create a whole, vulnerable being as God takes the risk of meeting us where we are.


Click or tap the following buttons to open each Zoom meeting:

Charge Conference

Sunday Service Zoom   Pathfinders Zoom

Family Connection Zoom   Music Connection Zoom

BeMore and Table Talk Zoom   Spiritual Journey

 Semi Circle

If you need to call into the Zoom meeting, dial 312-626-6799 and enter the desired Meeting ID:

  • Sunday Service:  520 956 1228
  • Pathfinders:  302 043 1873  Passcode 3601
  • Family Connection Zoom:  278 494 2669
  • Music Connection Zoom:  292 382 3872
  • Spiritual Journeys 889 1158 8742
  • Stewardship 361 183 1433

Loneliness has made its home in the depths of our being.  We long to be gathered in community, to be surrounded by those who know our stories, and can read the unspoken cries of our hearts.  COVID-19 has changed us and has left us with a hole that we do not know how to overcome.  

After much discernment our re-entry team has made the decision that we will offer in-person for those for whom do not have access to the technology we have been using, or have felt comfortable joining us on Zoom during the Advent Season.

Beginning on November 29th, we invite those who need to be in community to join us in the sanctuary for worship.  For those coming in-person we ask that you help us keep everyone healthy by doing the following:

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Keep safe distance of at least 6ft from one another
  • Give air hugs (we ask that you refrain from physically touching one another)
  • Sit in pews that have been clearly marked with blue/green painter’s tape
  • Bring your own communion elements.

We will not have printed bulletins, we will be using screens for all responses and hymns. I will be preaching with my iPad in front of me so those at home can continue to be fully engaged in worship. We ask that if you have been worshiping from home for you to remain at home to ensure that those who need to be in community will have the opportunity to receive the gift of belonging this Advent Season.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, November 29th!

Grace and peace,

Rev. Amanda Diamond