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We Are Blakemore

Mike FriddellI find in Blakemore…

…a community of diverse people with diverse ideas, opinions, and viewpoints who commune together in hopes of seeing the world, each other, and ourselves with better eyes;

…a fellowship of support in which we strive to meet each other where we are in each of our journeys;

…a place of caring, where no one is just a number in a seat;

…a place of acceptance in which we admit our own brokenness and welcome others to join us in seeking healing;

…a place of growth for the spirit, mind, love of one another, and the permission to love our selves for who we are.


Mike F.


Blakemore is home.

From the moment we walked in the doors as a new family to the area (4 hours from our next of kin), our son has called BUMC his church.

What started as a search for spiritual rest among a whirlwind of living in a new city has grown into a place of comfort and strength as our life changed to a family of four.

Blakemore has made me who I am.


Ashley K.




10609462_10205136660749016_851056962245498257_nDeep and lasting gratitude.

That’s what I feel in coming to Blakemore and immediately knowing I am loved and accepted. Where else do I want to be on a Sunday morning,
except in the presence of God and worshiping God alongside
a congregation  who loves and supports the mission of this church!

I am here because…


Carrie F.