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Sermon Series | 2015

Here you will find links to the audio from sermons in 2015.
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Jesus was sent by God into the world for a purpose, and we are now sent to follow in his footsteps
November 29 to December 27, 2015

December 13 | Sent: Jesus Is God with Us    We face tragedy in the midst of life. We face uncertainty…. and sometimes things do turn out well. Sometimes a miracle happens. But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes people die, sometimes relationships are broken, sometimes things just fall apart. But whether a miracle happens or a tragedy happens, God is with us. No matter what we’re facing, we do not face it alone. God is with us. And we as God’s people are with one another.”

December 6 | Sent: Jesus Sets Us Free    “We are set free for something greater; set free to live as Christ would have us to live… We are given the sacrament of the present moment: experiencing the gift of life here and now. That is what Christ has set us free for.”

November 29 | Sent: Jesus Reconciles    “Bringing together all people to faith in Christ, to new life, to new chances, being changed by the love of Christ. All means all. This is our work: to tear down all the walls that separate us from each other and to be the hands and feet of Christ. Let us look for those opportunities to make things right.”

Previous Sermons

November 15 | The story of Lazarus and our choice to focus on our right-now pain or the possibilities of the future Jesus provides us.