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Sermon Series | 2018

Here you will find links to the audio from sermons in 2018.
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A World Like This

Making sense of and living faithfully in a world where not all is as it should be
January 7 – February 11, 2018

January 14 2018
A World Like This: Race
Note: There is no audio available for this Sunday
On MLK weekend, we examined the world we live in as it relates to race. Pastor John told two baptism stories from the Bible: Jesus and the Ethiopian eunuch. In both stories, it was suggested that something might prevent them from being baptized, but we were reminded that no such barrier exists to God’s love and grace. The church is open to people of all ages, nations, and races. While we often use race to divide and oppress, it is actually a beautiful part of the diversity that God has created. We are called to celebrate that diversity and include all in the abundant life of Christ.

January 7 2018
A World Like This: Different Religions
On Epiphany Sunday, we are reminded of the Magi who saw God’s handiwork in the heavens and traveled a great distance to meet a young child and offer him gifts. God was clearly at work both in the natural world and in the lives of these Wise Men, who were part of a different religion. As Christians, we believe in one God and in the unique revelation of God’s love in Jesus Christ. But can we really deny that God is at work in other ways and in other religions, especially when we have encountered people of other faiths whose lives are enriched by those traditions?