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Sermon Series | 2019

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Risk: Entering the Passion

Joining Jesus on a Risky Journey to the Cross
Lent 2019

March 17 2019
Risking Challenge
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
It was most often Jesus’ teaching that got him into trouble; not his actions. Teaching can be risky, especially when publicly challenging the status quo. We examine one particular teaching of Jesus during his final week in Jerusalem. In Mark 12:41-44, he watches as rich people place large sums of money into the Temple treasury. Then a widow, with barely anything to her name, gives two small coins. This prompts Jesus to invite his Disciples over to teach them about what is really important in giving. Listen as Pastor John recounts this story and what it means to give sacrificially.

March 10 2019
Risking Righteous Anger
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
As we begin the season of Lent, Pastor John reminds us that it is a risky journey to walk with Jesus to the cross. We examine the story of Jesus’ turning over the tables in the Temple and learn some background information that perhaps paints a different picture of the event than was in our minds. We are reminded of the risks involved with creating an open and inclusive place of worship, and Pastor John invites us to reflect on the things in this world that cause us to experience righteous or holy anger and how those feelings might move us to actions of compassion and justice.

Imago Dei

What Does It Mean to Bear the Image of God?
Winter 2019

March 3 2019
A Remaking
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
Note: There is no audio available for this date.
It is in the shadow of the events of the called special session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church that we concluded our worship series called “Imago Dei.” After an emotional week, Pastor John shares his heartfelt experiences and reflections on General Conference and wonders if God isn’t remaking the Methodist movement into something new just as the potter from Jeremiah 18:1-6 remakes the spoiled pottery. 

February 24 2019
Love in Action
Preacher: Steffie Misner-Wampler
Note: There is no audio available for this date.
On Children and Youth Sunday, our young people reminded us that everyone has a place in the church and that we are all called to embody love. When we show love together as a community of faith, the Image of God is manifested in the world. Steffie preached from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a and reminded us about the true nature of God’s love. 

February 17 2019
You Are Loved
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
The previous week we were reminded that because we are made in God’s image, we are loved. This week, we were reminded that because other’s are made in God’s image, they are loved too. But we often struggle to love others and honor their full humanity – those who are different than us as well as those who are like us. With the background of the called General Conference, Pastor John wonders aloud what our Church might look like if we truly embraced what it means for all people to be seen as bearing the Image of God, ultimately calling us to befriend – in the deepest sense of the word – others. 

February 10 2019
I Am Loved
Preacher: Rev. Scott Aleridge, District Superintendent
Our District Superintendent joined us for worship in order to lead a called charge conference to approve a Capital Campaign for a new HVAC system, a Forever Family Home in Uganda through Raise the Roof Academy, and renovation of the Fellowship Hall. He shared about his own struggles to accept God’s love for him, especially during a particularly difficult time in his life – a cancer diagnosis and treatment. He challenged us to set aside whatever barriers are in the way – small, medium, or large – and embrace God’s amazing love for each of us. 

February 3 2019
Finding Meaning and Purpose
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
Pastor John shares about his favorite Bible verse: Romans 8:28. While some read this passage and walk away with an understanding that everything happens for a reason and is part of God’s plan, Pastor John sees it a little bit differently. God is at work in the world. God desires our good. And God has a plan and purpose. When we put these together with being made in God’s image, we discover that we – individually and collectively – are part of God’s great plan. Our work is to discover our part and find meaning in living into it.  

January 27 2019
Imitating God
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
Note: There is no audio available for this date.
We look at what it means to be created in the Image of God by examining what the word image means. As in a mirror or picture, the image is not identical to the original, but there is a relationship between the two. From this, we learn that 1) we are not God, 2) we are like God in some ways, and 3) we represent God in the world. When Jesus was asked about paying taxes, he said that since the coin bore Caesar’s image, we should give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Since we bear the Image of God, may we give ourselves to God.  

January 20 2019
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
As we begin our series in earnest, we take a look at the theme of Identity in science fiction and fantasy. These genres and their worlds that are not quite our own help us to explore what it means to be human and to know ourselves. In examples like superheroes, Fringe, and The Good Place, it can be easy to get confused and lose track of oneself. This happens to us as well, and we need to be reminded that despite changes that occur throughout our lives and how we might define ourselves, the bedrock on which we can build our identity is as those who are created in God’s image.  

January 13 2019
Remember Your Baptism
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
On Baptism of the Lord Sunday, we explore the meaning of baptism together. Baptism is one of two sacraments in The United Methodist Church (Holy Communion is the other). It serves to initiate us into the family of faith, celebrate the grace and forgiveness we receive from God, call us into ministry, and affirm God’s claim on us as a child of God. Just as God calls Jesus “Beloved” at his baptism, God calls each and every one of us “Beloved” as well.  

Stand Alone Sermons

January 2019

January 6 2019
Gifts Received and Given
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
On the first Sunday of 2019, we celebrate Epiphany (the arrival of the Magi to visit the young Jesus) and conclude our series from Advent and Christmas called “All Earth Is Waiting.” We reflect on gifts given at Christmas and that feeling of searching for the perfect gift and the sense of relief and connection and love when the recipient enjoys the gift. The greatest gift any of us can give is the gift of our selves, and that is what God offers at Christmas. We are invited to experience the most wonderful gifts of Jesus Christ and the earth with gratitude and to respond with joy and by offering ourselves.