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Sermon Series | 2020

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Exploring Three of the Miracles from Jesus’ Ministry
January-February 2020

January 26 2020
Feeding the 5000
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
In the new live action Lady and the Tramp, the Tramp is a dog who seemingly is only concerned about himself, but then he surprises us by sacrificing his food to give it to two hungry-looking puppies. In the same way, Jesus and the disciples sacrifice their own rest and down time in order to teach and ultimately feed a huge crowd that has gathered. In both of these, we see self-giving love in action – the kind of love that each of us is called to embody. Jesus was moved by compassion to care for the crowd, and we should similarly be moved to say, “I can help with that.” The miracle is that God takes the little things we offer in faith – five loaves and two fish, a night spent at the church with Room in the Inn, a donation to the Capital Campaign – and makes something great from them. 

January 19 2020
Water to Wine
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
On the first Sunday of our series looking at the miracles from Jesus’ ministry, we look at the first recorded miracle that Jesus performed: turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. Though it is tempting as modern readers, we miss the point of miracles if we try to find scientific explanations for them. Instead, we are invited to marvel at how they break with conventional wisdom and expectations and find meaning in how God is at work in the world. This story, in particular, reminds us that Jesus is human like us because he is celebrating at a wedding filled with food and wine and joy. A deeper look at the story reveals some important symbolism in the jars and the wine itself, ultimately pointing to the abundance of God’s love and grace given to us through Jesus Christ.


Events from the Life of Christ on Our Journey Through the Bible
January 2020

January 12 2020
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
On Baptism of the Lord Sunday, we hear the story of Jesus’ baptism and are reminded of our own baptisms. Pastor John outlines 4 aspects of the Jesus’ baptism that are important not only in the context of our broader Journey Through the Bible and this story’s place in the Gospels but also for our lives today. Baptism is a beginning and not an end. Baptism is preparation and even calling for the life of discipleship and ministry that is to follow. In baptism, our identity as beloved children of God is confirmed. And through baptism, we are connected with what has come before us and even with what will come in the future. On this date, we remember our baptisms and give thanks. 

January 5 2020
Preacher: Rev. John Hill
On Epiphany Sunday, we begin in earnest in the New Testament with our Journey Through the Bible in ten months. Pastor John provides us with a brief introduction to the New Testament and specifically to the Gospels. Our story for the day is that of the Magi, who were likely priests in a different religion from a foreign land, who came to visit and worship the Christ Child. We traditionally understand Epiphany to the be the celebration of Jesus’ being revealed to the world (not just the Jews) as the Messiah. In addition to this important aspect of the story, we see the importance of dreams, knowing the scriptures, and the role of the home in our faith.