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Election Prayer Stations

Dear Church Family,

There are specific events in our lives that hold a sense of before and after. Those moments not only shape who we are, they shape how we respond to the world around us, how we interact with one another and who we claim God to be. COVID will be a marker just like the death of John F. Kennedy was a for particular generation, the Berlin wall falling for another, or 9-11 for yet another generation. Each event leads us to experience the breadth and depth of humanity and lean into what unites us instead of what divides us.

In the coming days, the staff invites you to join together in prayer to seek the fullness of God’s divine grace and God’s fullness working through our human construct and structure of leadership. In the document that can be found below, you will find a prayer guide to pray as often as you’d like leading into the election and the days that will follow. You can also find videos at our YouTube channel, HERE, if you would like to pray through them with guidance.

You will need the following:

  • a candle
  • a puzzle piece
  • a rubber band
  • a willingness to choose the headlines of the day you are praying over.

These stations are designed to lead us into a spirit of what unites us, claim our own frailties and intercede on behalf of one another and pray for our leaders locally and nationally. Feel free to use this guide to fit your personal needs (you can choose to do all of them every day or do one activity each day).

Before each exercise, light a candle to be reminded that God is the ever-present light in our lives and shines brightly even when we cannot see the path before us.

My prayer is that this will bind us together as a community, heal our hearts and remind us that God is the sovereign one that guides our path in the midst of difficult times.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Amanda.

Election Prayer Stations Playlist on YouTube