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Lent 2021

Again and Again, God Meets Us

Again and Again
Brokenness mended into healing
Isolation beckoned into community
Stories of truth that set us free
Stagnation pulled into engagement
Contentment unfastened to move forward
Again and Again

Again and again we make our way into the darkened holy space where silence fills the room. The words rise forth, the songs linger in our being but in the midst of it all we are longing to feel to the brush of the ashes being swept across our foreheads with purpose. We long to stand in the hush of the sanctuary knowing that God makes God’s mark upon us and to in that moment in which time feels suspended. The brush of the ashes that help us to sense that we come face to face with the Holy One. We want know that in the days to come we can once again experience the depth of death that leads us into a story of healing, community, freedom, engagement and moving forward into this life of redemption and resurrection. We long for the ashes that tell us again and again that God is with us.

We join together on Wednesday to feel the brush of the ashes sweeping across our foreheads not merely as a ritual but as a commitment to walk the road with Jesus in the coming weeks. On Sunday (with a new start time of 10:00 for Mugs and Hugs and 10:15 for Worship) we will experience how Jesus takes the broken and misshapen pieces of our lives and heals them again and again.