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Depression Support Group

Blakemore provides a Depression Support Group that is free and ongoing every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in Room 204. Depression itself can be debilitating, let alone trying to deal with it all by yourself and feeling so alone. Our church family wants to support those in our community who suffer with depression and lack support. All are welcome. Adults are the target group, but we will gladly try to help families with children and youth with depression issues to find services that will be more helpful. The group setting is designed to be a safe place where individuals can come, share, and feel support and unconditional love. The group is facilitated by Blakemore member Gayle Lembcke, who is a retired social worker with mental health experience. Please feel free to simply show up at the start time of the group, or if you want more info, call the church office at 615-297-6519.

Click the link to find out more by listening to the audio from the Ministry Moment for the Depression Support Group on January 22, 2017.