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Stewardship 2020: Our Story


Our story is woven through our experience of God from our earliest experience into our present day. Through our experiences of who God has shown Godself to be through the events and people who have transformed us, a passion from which to respond has been woven into our being. It is from these pivotal life events that weave a story of faithfulness in our giving to others.

We will begin weaving our story through faith, mission, and money on Sunday, October 11th, and conclude our stewardship series with a celebration on Sunday, November 1st.

Over the next several weeks we will Remember what has been woven into our life story, Release the patterns that have kept clinging to the past, and spend time Re-imaging while we weave a story of Restoration of who God has called us to be in this new season of life

This year stewardship will look a bit different. We invite you to stop by the church to pick up a stewardship packet. If you’d like to have a digital copy of these items, click on the download button at the bottom of the page. The packet will include the following items:

  • a printed version of our small group study guide that we will use for the three Wednesday night gatherings (the guide is filled with many personal questions, but during the gatherings, we will not be divulging personal information but will use this guide as a jumping off point in understanding what has been woven into our personal story of faith, mission, and money and how we understand our woven story as a community of believers).
  • a scripture/commitment card that we invite you to place in a prominent location within your daily routine. It might be placed on your bathroom mirror, beside your coffee maker, on a kitchen cabinet, or beside your computer to remind you that our individual stories are woven together to create our story of Blakemore UMC
  • a Prayer Mandala that we will be using in worship each week during our prayer time.

We invite you to stop by the church on Monday, October 6th, Wednesday, October 7th, and Friday, October 9th from 10-1:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall

Small-Group Gatherings

Our Story:

Woven through Faith, Mission, and Money

Our Story: Woven through faith, mission, and money small group gathering on the following Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

October 14th

October 21st

October 28th

led by Pastor Amanda.